Stunning: Group Exhibition

Artist Reception: December 5, 2019

SHOW RUNS: December 5 to December 28, 2019

Guest Artist: Nina Ulett

Please join us Thursday December 5, 2019 from 5:30pm to 9:30pm for the artist reception which will include art, live music and more. Exhibition runs the entire month of December.



For this exhibition, Las Laguna Gallery asked artists to art they considered “stunning”. The word stunning is best described as “strikingly impressive, especially in beauty and excellence.


We received hundreds of submissions that fit the bill and the selection process was grueling, but we found what we could best describe as amazing, captivating, phenomenal, and extraordinary.



Works chosen feature a wide variety of styles, and mediums including Acrylic, Oil, Pen and Ink, Graphite, Photography, Pastel, and Watercolor. 




Mahfuza Begum

Beth Blake

Betty Cox

Jessica Crouch

Susan Eyer-Anderson

Helena Faitelson

Terry Farrell

Cheryle Gannaway

Stephanie Henry

Kim Johnson

Candace Kahn

Julianna Lazio

Kippi Leonard

Broni Likomanov

Linzi Lynn

Jim Matthew

Matt McMullen

Berthis Myers
Mona Niko

Kamelyta Noor

Isabel Oliver




Victoria Pendragon

Christel Petermann

Richard Rownak

Bonnie Rubinstein

Alayne Sahar

Tom Suhler

Tanya Tewell

Nina Ulett

Shai Yossef