How to submit for wall space 2019 pricing

1.  Send a 1st email for request   with a photo of your work, total size, price and amounnt of time of  wall rental  Once we Send you the approval the go to step 2

2. Submit payment via paypal    Coming SOON

3. * Put in subject (paid wall space request)  we will not open email unless that's in subject. 

2nd Email

In email *Must include the following information

4. In email attach your 1 images of your art.  please only attach 1 that you paid for or its disqualified.  attach 1 images + rename work with   Your name-title of work-medium.jpg




*only good using this paypal special does not work via cafe or submittable

all submissions are final and no refunds will be given

payment   After you pay fee and email us with the info we need wait till  you receive the agreement and conformation letter then you may go ahead and send use your artwork.  Each piece needs wire to back and reshipping in package 

Put All of this info in your email
( please double check all info in email)
  1. Your Full Name

  2. Phone Number

  3. Social Media-FB or instagram -or put no Facebook or Instaagram

  4. City and State

  5. Email to Reach You

  6. What date Your Submitting To

  7. Title of Your Work *must have title for artwork, not Untitled

  8. Size  in Inches

  9. Price of work or NFS

  10. Media of Both

finally email us at: