A Light in the Darkness
Online Exhibition



The world has been rocked with the new Covid-19 virus.

Many people are scared, concerned and uncertain.

Businesses and Galleries are closing.

At Las Laguna Gallery we still have faith in the human spirit and we know how art can help people heal.

It is because of this that we have decided to do our first Online Exhibition and now if your opportunity to shed some of that beautiful light into the darkness.

This is an Open Theme online show and

works can be reflective of your current feelings or situation

or can be designed to inspire or uplift or can be a snap-shot into your current practice.

Artists interested in taking part, please visit our CALL FOR ENTRY page.


Shannon Barnes

Jenny Belin

Dana Bilello-Barrow
Ricardo Bitrán

Nancy Breakstone

Byron Keith Byrd
Geinene Carson

Yuan Chen
Jean Clarke
Meredith Clifton

Jamie Craddock

Anna Delamerced

Mark Dierker
Erin Drakeford

Adam Erlbaum

Emily Ferreira
Monica Marquez Gatica

Christina Gessler
Cheryl Godin

John Gummere
Trisha Hall

Blakelee Harmon

Brian Heston

Theodore Heublein

Marsha Henderson

Vendula Kalinova

Kami Kinnison
Gayle Kirschenbaum

Jennifer Carberry-Landis
Christopher Lovely

Susan Melly

Jerri Nemiro

Colleen O'Connell

Joe Oakes

Ansel Oommen
Jane Ouweleen

Palak Patel

Jessica Paulin
Liliana Prieto
Bernd Reichert

Lara Ralston

Stu Rosen

Ernest Schloss

Jen Schultz

Brandon Smith
Allison Witzmann

Mia Wolfe

Akiko Yada