All “ARWORKS” submitted and delivered to LAS LAGUNA GALLERY must be presented ready-to-hang on a wall.
You should be placing the framing wire between 1/4 and 1/3 of the way down.


Please do not use saw tooth hangers or anything other than wire if at all possible.
We understand that for smaller pieces a sawtooth hanger may be the only option. If this is the case, please contact gallery to find another opption.
Do not attempt to add a wire hanger to a frame that is not designed for it or that the frame is too thin for a wire hanger.
Do NOT try to drill a tiny hole, twist in an eyehook and attach a wire. Inevitably that will come loose or break and your work will crash to the ground.

Unframed canvas pieces are acceptable as long as they are ready to hang with wire hangers. If you are preparing a canvas work, please take the time to consider how it will hang.
When choosing to wire a canvas artwork, please place the eyehooks on the inside of the strecher bar or use D-rings. This way your artwork will hang flush to the wall.

LAS LAGUNA GALLERY reserves the right to not hang your artwork if you choose to not wire it appropriately. If your work is delivered not ready to hang we may call you and negotiate a preparation fee.

You may deliver your “ARTWORK” framed with or without glass/Plexiglass and with or without a mat.

All photographic prints and easy-to-wrap artwork must be properly mounted. If you deliver an “ARTWORK” that is warped we cannot hang this work.

Please review our page titled HOW TO PACKAGE ARTWORK.

Make sure that your canvas artwork has been stretched well. Nobody likes a sagging painting.

Please inspect your works prior to sending them. Are there fingerprints on the inside of the glass? Is there dust or dirt caught between your art and the glass? You can use canned air to help remove them.

If possible, please use archival materials in making and presenting your artwork. This ensures your “ARTWORKS” will last.

Try to use stainless steel braided picture wire for the back of the artwork.

Please check and make sure that the screws you use are placed securely into the back of the frame.  Artist will be responseable for any damage to other artwort if the wire is not succurely attached.  If the wire isnt sucure and comes apart or if it breaks and falls then hits art under it as it comes down, then that artist will be responsable for all damage caused. So please double check your wire.

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