Where do I submit my work?
Due to the large volume of work received we now use CaFÉ™ and submittable for submissions.

What is CaFÉ™ and Submittable ?
CaFÉ™ is a web based service that allows artists and galleries to connect in a non-traditional format. This service allows the artist to upload images and organize their artwork for submissions to galleries.  If you are using CaFE the fee is $35 for the first entry and $2 each additional entry up to 15 images.  This is cost effective if you want to submit more than 3 images.  Some artist have said it's a bit harder to upload the image file so if thats the case I have them use Submittable to submit work.
Submittable is a submission service as well.  A bit easier to upload images on this site.  The fee for Submittable is 3 submissions for  $35 total.  For the $35 you can  submit only one or as many as three for the $35.  The only issue with this online submission company is when you enter three images in the system it will only show the first ones title, but all three will be in there.

Why do you use CaFÉ™ or Submittable ?
The art submission services allows the gallery a place to organize and view artist images in a safe setting. We receive hundreds of unsolicited work monthly and often they come in the form of e-mails with attachments at the time to jury a show it would be a mess trying to locate all the submissions that came into us this way.  To eliminate e-mail box clutter and to avoid a computer virus, we use a system that provides the gallery with the necessary information to view your work.  This way if the submission is accepted, it  is easy to downloaded to our POS and online store front.  The images in CaFÉ™  and Submittable are standardized and all the important information such as materials and sizes are included in our dashboard view.


How do I Apply for a Call to Entry?
To apply to a Call for Entry you must leave our website and go to CaFÉ™ website where you create your FREE artist account.
You will add all your details and upload your images to CaFÉ™ and then you can submit work to our “Call to Entry”
Please visit the APPLY TO CALL page for more details. ​

To use Submittable, simply enter your data and upload your images from our website above.
Go to the Call For Entry tab, find show you wish to submit to and click on it.  Click on  Click Here to Apply tab.  It is very easy to use this site.


How do I format my images?
All images must be submitted using the CaFÉ™ guidelines.
Please do not send the images to us via e-mail as we cannot view them.
Please visit the HOW TO FORMAT AN IMAGE page for more details.

If I apply and pay for the call for entries form does that mean I am automatically accepted into an art show?
No. Submissions are non-refundable. When you submit your work it will be reviewed and considered for the show.

How long will my works be displayed on the website?
The Previous show page is up indefinitely.

Are there any forms that I need to sign when sending in my artwork?
Yes. If you are accepted to our gallery, an Artist/Gallery agreement will be sent to you via e-mail. Please print and review this form and include it with your artwork.

Can I come in and drop off my work?
Yes, but you will need to call ahead and make an appointment. 

Can I submit 3D sculpture? 
Not at this time. We are not currently set up to receive sculpture at this time.

Can I submit video work?
Not at this time. We are not currently set up to receive video work at this time, however we are looking into a proper system and a way to handle video.

What if I don’t get in a show, will I get a refund?
No. The cost of the entry fee is a nonrefundable fee that covers the administrative duties of our staff to organize the submissions, contact the artists, to advertise and promote the show.

When will I be notified if I am accepted?
Yes, you will be notified by email and in some cases by phone.  The notification time will be listed in the details for each call to art.

Do you have framing requirements?
Yes, we do. Please see this page for details on framing requirements.
Please visit the FRAMING REQUIREMENTS page for more details.  Not all work must be framed, Just make sure it looks professional and it has to have a wire hanger on the back.

How do I package my artwork for shipping?
Please visit the HOW TO PACKAGE MY ARTWORK page for more details.

How do I price my artwork?
Please visit the HOW TO PRICE MY ARTWORK page for more details..

Should I send an artist statement?
Your artist statement is entered into the CaFÉ™ or Submittable. If you’d like to include an artist statement, please send it along with your work and it will be placed in a 3-ring binder to be viewed by guests who want to know more about your work.
Please visit the ARTIST STATEMENT page for more details.

Can I attend to the reception?
Absolutely! We encourage you to come to the show to talk about your work, meet other artists and most importantly network. We also ask that you invite your friends and family to this event, take pictures, tag them and post them. Part of becoming a successful artist involves networking and promotion of your work.

Will you let me know when my artwork arrives to your gallery? 
No. I do try to call most or email to let them know,  but notification can be difficult due to the volume of packages coming in.
Please refer to your tracking number to ensure arrival. Your shipping carrier should be able to track the package for you. Please note our address. Artists are responsible for sending their artwork to the correct address.  Las Laguna Gallery is not responsible for artwork that is lost.

Do you have a Site Map for your gallery?
Yes. Please visit the SITE MAP page for more details.
Do you have a list of restaurants and other galleries in the area?
Yes, Please visit our LINKS page for more details.