#1 - Front and Center FAQ page

Answers to Questions you may have about this specific "Call for Art"

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TITLE: #1 - Front & Center
MEDIUM: Digital/All*
August 26, 2014
NOTIFICATION: August 26, 2014
SHOW DATE: September
4th, 2014

How do I enter this "Call for Art"? - To enter this "Call for Art" you will need a Cafe- Call for Entry account. The account is free at Cafe. Once you create an account, you add information about you as an artist. You then upload digital images of your art and enter data specific to the works. Things like sizes, medium, etc. Then you select our call and enter. Submission fees are non refundable.

Why do you use Cafe/Westaff? We use Cafe to better organize our images, artist data, and to avoid potential virus for attachements. The gallery does not accept e-mails with attachments.

Do I have to make work digitally to apply to the call for art? - No. You can make artwork in any medium to apply; BUT you must have a high quality digital image of your artwork to be printed. For example, you work in watercolor. You submit  through Cafe an image of your watercolor art. If your work is selected you will need to provide a digital image of the artwork, (properly sized) and we will send the work to be printed on canvas.


How many artist are selected to show? ONE. That is it. Only one artist will be selected for this "Call for Art'",

What happens next? If you win, you will be contacted and we will need you  to send to us a high resolution image of your art.  We will send the digital image to a professional print house to print your artwork on canvas. If your work is selected your work will be professionally printed on canvas and the work will be displayed in the gallery; front and center of our window. This is where the most traffic can see your work.

What sizes can I have printed? Maximum display area in the gallery window is 22 Inches by 22 Inches. You can select a standard canvas print size (8x10, 11x14, or 16x20) or a custom size (10x10, 12x12, 16x16, or 22x22).

Why do you offer so many options? We offer these options because we know as an aritst you make choices in your sizes. Although our display area is 22 Inches x 22 Inches we want to you give you (the artist) the ability to choose the size of your finished piece.

What happens if my work sells?  If the work sells you will receive 75% of the sale.

What happens if my work doesn't sell? If the work is unsold, the gallery will pay to have the work shipped back to you.

Is there a prize as well? Yes, the accepted artist will receive $250 prize.  The prize will be sent to the winning artist at the end of the exhibition.


What if I live outsite the United States? If the artist lives outside the United States, currency rate exchange fees, bank transfer fees and other fees may be deducted from the prize amount.

What if I will and fail to send an image in to be printed? Then your prize money will be forfeited.  As a business it is important that we have works on the wall for display and sell. Our goal is to display, promote, and sell artwork. Failure to adhere to the "Call for Art" will result in forfeiture.


What if I don't have a high quality image of my artwork? If you do not have a high quality image of your artwork, please do not apply to this call for art. This "call for art" is primarily a "digital" show. This means that you can either create your work digitally, or by traditional means, but the artwork must be "print ready". We will have other opportunities in the future for you to show. This call for art is unique in that it requires that as an aritst you understand how to obtain good quality pictures of your work and prepare them for printing.

Who pays for shipping? The gallery pays for shipping.  The printed work will be shipped to us for the showing. if the work does not sell we will pay to have the work boxes and shipped to you.