TITLE: Animal Fairy Tales, Fables, Fact Or Fiction
DEADLINE: November 16th
NOTIFICATION: November 18th
SHOW DATE: December 5th - 21st

Throughout the history of the world in cultures near and far, animals have played a huge part in the world of art.

From the beginning of time when man first scrawled a buffalo on cave walls to the present time; animals are characterized and depicted in stories, cartoons and movies. The rich history of animals represented in mythologies and folktales is endless. These animals awaken our creative spirit and feed our imagination.
From the years of the zodiac to the spirits of totem poles animals and animal icons play a huge part in our everyday life.

We connect with their characteristics; such as their strength, agility, speed, and perception. For hundreds of years we have imagined dragons, unicorns, griffins and other mystical creatures. These creatures have appeared in fairy tales such as Aesop's Fables, Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio, the Wizard of Oz and Where the Wild Things Are.

This exhibition will explore a wide range of animal depictions in art. We will explore how art artists continue to draw from past stories as well as create new narratives as characters in their art take on animal traits, and new creatures are imagined.

The work must be able to be hung on a wall to be considered.

Sizes up to 4 feet are acceptable. Limit to 48in.
No work that requires special installation or instructions will be accepted.

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